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        Welcome to visit Xingda Aluminum Co., Ltd. Jinan website! Main: aluminum volumes, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum pressure-plate, and so on.



        Jinan Xingda Aluminum Co., Ltd.

        inan Xingda Aluminum Co., Ltd. is approved by the relevant state departments to set up a professional production of aluminum and aluminum alloy products business. The company after years of development, and gradually build and improve the rolling, hot-rolled, aluminum, aluminum volumes, aluminum, aluminum foil, aluminum pattern plate, aluminum plate, aluminum discs, Caitu aluminum volumes, aluminum, aluminum tablets More than 10 production lines, the company mainly produces equipment and auxiliary equipment have reached the leading domestic level, the product sequence have passed the 2000 version of ISO9001 quality system certification.Products are widely used in electrical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, construction and installation, food packaging..[see details]